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Megan's Life & Legacy

Megan Custer was born and raised in the rural community of Mount Perry in October of 1988. As a child, she collected Beanie Babies, listened to Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys, and learned how to play basketball on a little half-court behind the church she attended every Sunday.

Living in a small community, she was obligated to play basketball with her older brother and his friends to fulfill the required four players for 2-on-2 backyard basketball. From a young age, Megan became accustomed to playing basketball against her bigger, faster, and stronger male counterparts.

Upon beginning her young basketball career at Glenford Elementary, it became apparent that Megan would flourish into a solid basketball player well into her teen years. When she transitioned to middle school, she finally joined forces with a lifelong friend in Molly Brink and would share many memories with her on the hardwood in the years to come.

In the 2003-04 season, Megan dressed on the varsity squad as a freshman and started as the junior varsity shooting guard. That same year, Megan was part of a special tournament run to the state finals at Ohio State University alongside some of her childhood idols like Amanda Krofft, Jessica Slack, and Kayla Waller. 

In the following three seasons, Megan started at varsity shooting guard and made a name for herself as a 3-point assassin. She finished her varsity career with over 500 points, 200 rebounds, and 150 assists.

After graduating from Sheridan High School in 2007, Megan attended The Ohio State University where she pursued a degree in Accounting .  She continued her sports career as a Buckeye in co-ed rec leagues with her older brother and her friends both on and off the hardwood. On August 18, 2008 Megan's life was abruptly ended in a tragic car accident in Zanesville, OH before beginning her sophomore year at Ohio State.

3-on-3 Memorial Tournament

Megan loved the game of basketball. This tournament is a celebration of Megan's life and her passion for the game. These games will be played on the same court that helped mold Megan into the brilliant young woman she would become.

Team player. Good sport. Unrelenting work ethic. These are some of the things you'll hear from coaches, teammates, and fans alike about Megan's time as a basketball player.

Proceeds from the tournament fund the Megan Custer Memorial Scholarship that was established in 2009 for graduating Sheridan High School seniors. Since then, over $70,000 in local scholarships have been awarded to young people looking to further their education after high school. In 2023 alone, the Megan Custer Memorial Scholarship fund awarded close to $5,000 in scholarships. This tournament celebrates the life of Megan Custer through basketball and the continuing education of local youth.


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